The White Rabbit

If the only tool you have is a hammer, it is tempting to treat everything as if it were a nail. (Abraham Maslow)

Stock's financial margins. Stock's financial margins tables are a useful tool for investors and analysts to evaluate the profitability and efficiency of a company. They show how much of the revenue is left after deducting different types of expenses.
/Conversion Tools
JSON to CSV. Convert a JSON to CSV data. You can optionally flatten the JSON data using any of its key value.
CSV to JSON. Convert a CSV file to JSON. You have the option to split keys on several records or merge them in a single JSON.
File (D)Encryptor. Drag and drop your file in the box, enter or generate a key and encrypt or decrypt it.
Invoice PDF Generator. Generate an invoice PDF using a standardized JSON data, as shown in the example.
/Financial Calculators
Fair Price Calculator. A fair price calculator for dividend investors based based on your desired expected fair dividend value.

Sample output: " Assuming a market size of 10000 millions $ if the market grows by 20% and the company's market share grows by 15% ( starting from a current market share of 8% ), with a gross margin of 30%, a net income being 10% of the gross profit, a payout ratio of 25% and a total of 100 millions shares, the expected dividend per share equals 0.08 $. Therefore, if your fair target dividend yield is 6% you should buy the stock at 1.38 $."

Net Return Calculator. It helps stock market investors to estimate their net profit from buying and selling stocks.

Sample output: " If you invest now 10000 $ with an average annual dividend yield of 3 % in a stock paid 10 $ and sold at 12 $ kept 5 years considering taxes on dividends of 26 % and a capital gain taxes of 26 % , the average annual net return on investment is 5.18 % ( corresponding to a compound annual growth rate of 4.71 %), which increases your capital by 2590 $ to 12590 $. "

Sell Price Calculator. It helps you as asset owner or investor to determine the minimum price at which you should sell your assets to re-invest the new net capital in a different one.

Sample output: " If you've already invested with an expected long-term average annual return of 5% taxed 26 % in an asset paid 10 $ and you want to re-invest your capital with a target return of 3% taxed 16 % , considering capital gain taxes of 26% you should sell your current asset at a price greater than 16.33 $ (being all other conditions the same). "

Bond's Net Return Calculator. A tool that helps investors to estimate the actual return they will receive from a bond investment from coupons and capital gain after accounting for taxes.

Sample output: " If you invest now 10000 $ with a coupon rate of 3% in a bond paid at a face value of 100 and sold at 103 on 5 October 2026 considering income taxes of 26% and a capital gain taxes of 26% , the net final gain would be 887 $ (~2.87% CAGR) if you didn't miss any of the full annual payments, 832 $ (~2.69% CAGR) if you missed a quarter (25%) of the full annual payments, 776 $ (~2.52% CAGR) if you missed half (50%) of the full annual payments, 721 $ (~2.34% CAGR) if you missed 75% of the full annual payments. "

/Diet App
Description. It calculates foods quantities you need to eat to satisfy your target conditions. You can add (or load from CSV) a custom set of foods. The app will let you define fats, carbs and proteins for each food and set your goals (calories percentages of protein, carbs or fats, total calories and minimum quantities). As a result the appropriate quantity (in grams) for each food is computed.
Target users. People who dont like to cook but buy ready-made food packages of different kind (e.g. frozen vegetables, legumes, eggs, ...). The problem of available free or commercial apps (untill now), is that some vendor-specific food is missing or not precisely addressed. Furthermore, direct quantity computation for given contraints is not always provided. Here, the user is free to enter grams of proteins, carbs and fats and set corresponding target conditions (energy percentages for proteins, carbs and fats or minimum quantities).
/DSApp - Talk [TESTING]
Description and target users. Children with specific learning disability can find it difficult to communicate with others. With the assistance of their parents, they can use this application to create "cards" with images and sounds, in order to facilitate communication with a simple click. The parent will create ad hoc cards, based on the child's needs, while the latter can select them to communicate their needs.
Notes. Android version coming soon from the Play Store, after finalizing testing!
/Stock Reporter [ARCHIVED](1)
Description. Search for a symbol and get an overview about its fundamentals. Note: this is a DEMO project with limitations in the number of stocks.


(1) Archived projects are listed for demonstration purpose only but not actively maintained.